Monday, December 5, 2011

Found Festive :: Felt-Ball-Garland-and-Burlap-Christmas-Tree-Skirt

We have not yet upgraded to a full size tree since we moved into our home. We figure that keeping the small "apartment tree" that we have had for the past 6 years works with an 20 month old that might just find it fun to remove every single ornament within reach. We went to our local Homegoods in search of a table to house our pretty little tree and found this wonderful black round table that will look good whether it has a tree on it or not. We still had a little problem, the not so pretty green plastic base of the tree that made it look a little less than put together. I got a piece of burlap from my stash (addiction to cloth) and used a few of the hundreds of plastic bags we have from grocery trips to fill in around the base and tied the burlap with some brown baking twine a few times. I LOVE the result. My own version of a "ready to be planted", Charlie Brown-esque tree. 

I saw an idea for a felted ball garland that was more affordable both money and time-wise than its Anthropologie counterpart from last year. This garland seemed to be easy enough when I thought I would make the felted balls, but then I found the beauties below at my local Micheal's store and a light bulb went on! They were already made and most had holes in them for stringing onto a bracelet. So I went to work with some brown baking twine, knotting before and after each felted ball, and voila!

We're getting festive around here and enjoying all the Christmas preparations! Tonight it's letters to Santa at the North Pole...

How is your holiday decorating going?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Found for Home :: Vintage Suitcase Table DIY

I am a Pinterest addict and when I was browsing the other day I came across this lovely vintage suitcase DIY project via Design Sponge. I fell instantly in love and realized I have the perfect vintage suitcase sitting in my living room right now! I have to get up the nerve to drill holes in this pretty little thing... so we shall see if it comes to fruition or not. I love vintage items so much that I hate to alter them. I'd rather restore them. Coming up in the next few weeks we'll have a "fashion show" of sorts. I'm thinking of showing off all of my vintage fashion finds that I can now fit in once again "post-baby". The city I live in has a gold mine of vintage skirts... I live around a lot of really nice vintage ladies that donate their vintage clothes to goodwill. Are you up for a vintage fashion show?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Found Fashion :: hand-made-hair-accessories-vintage-look

And we're back! The temperatures are cooling and everyone is settling into a routine for the school year. We got our summer fill of water fun, outdoor play, and dodging the heat. I am enjoying my return to a more regular schedule that allows for more creative time for me. I made a hair accessory one Sunday morning to add a little vintage flair to my look. It was perfect. Made of rosettes and felt flowers with tulle netting, it was the perfect complement to a subdued and classic outfit. 

I am considering a how-to of this hair pin and wondering if there is any interest?

Hopefully this is our return to some semi-regular programming. 

Welcome back! I'm glad you Found me! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Found Vacation :: It's Summer Vacation Around These Parts...

We'll be back in a while, after we've soaked up the sun and enjoyed our family time. Please stop by again when the weather is a bit cooler and the kids are back in school. Have a lovely summer!

Found Travel :: While I'm away I want to play...

I am in love with Paris and the idea of going on a romantic getaway with my hubby. This would be just the ticket!  If you love travel as much as I do hop on over to Oh Happy Day and enter to win!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Found for Home :: ReCrib

I have been a fan of design conscious children's bed solutions since I new that such a thing existed. ReCrib is an upscale version of craigslist for baby and toddler items and you can search right in your own neighborhood and sell gently used items yourself. 

Who doesn't love upscale products at affordable prices?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Found for Home :: Gallery-wall-of-pictures-and-art

Ever since I moved into this house I have been trying to figure out what to do with the walls. When I was first an apartment dweller, hanging things on the walls was not allowed, painting was not allowed. Basically doing anything other than setting up furniture in a rental is frowned upon. So when I moved into a house that is "mine", meaning me, Husband and littles,  I decided it was high-time to put my millions of framed pictures on my walls! I am looking forward to expanding my gallery wall with some artwork and needle-craft (like cross-stitch, modern and cute of course). 

Do you want to make a gallery wall of your own? One of the best ways to do this is to lay out your frames on the floor in front of the desired wall in a format that is pleasing to you, take a picture of the "map" for reference and start hanging those frames! Varying sizes tend to look very nice together and adding small personal touches like my small frame with a beautiful cross-stitch in it add so much character to a gallery wall display. Don't worry about making a mistake, you can always take them down and put a tiny bit of white toothpaste in the nail hole and start over. 

I'll post more pictures as my gallery wall progresses.