Thursday, October 7, 2010

Found for Home :: Time for Dinner Recipe Book

Dinner at my house is often a question of "what should we make?" (at 5 p.m.) or "what's in the freezer?" I have a feeling that the book Time for Dinner would make that question a little less intimidating and the resulting dinner a little more sensible and family friendly. We have started enjoying our local food co-op where we can get a fruit and vegetable basket, and often other things like 9-grain bread, sourdough bread, granola, and cases of fruit for canning/preserving. It is quite a fun and rewarding experience to feel like you are on Iron Chef every week when you pick up your produce basket. Last week I was able to go and help distribute the produce in the early morning and the comraderie and fulfillment that I felt was so refreshing. Do you have a food co-op in your area? Does it influence how healthy your meals and snacks are?

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