Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Found Frivolous :: I love Paul Frank so much, I inflict it on my children

I have an addiction to Paul Frank. I buy anything I can excuse that is PF for my children. It's a problem, I know. But it's just so darn cute! I have only boys at my house, so you know it becomes a problem when I feel the need to buy PF items for a girl just in case they don't have them when I finally find a girl among my genetics. I buy most things at TJ Maxx and found the shirt above there for just a few dollars. But the other day I had to venture out and get a set of potty training underpants for my son. DesignMom had featured some from PF that she bought at back to school and I decided they were a must-have for potty training. Even if the toddler doesn't care, it will make it more fun for me.
My name is Lindsay and I'm a Paul Frank addict.
Image Found via {Me}

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