Thursday, December 2, 2010

Found Fashion - Ballet-Slippers-style-shoes-for-Baby-Girls

As I was completing my regular "stroll" of etsy the other day, I came across this adorable pair of ballet slipper inspired shoes for baby girls. I am in love with them and would buy a pair for myself if I wasn't afraid of wearing out the soles and if my feet weren't more than a wee bit too big. Let me tell you that if I have a baby girl in the even remotely near future these will be on the very tippy-top of my MUST-purchase list! 

Maybe the wishes of my two year old will be met with the next addition to our family (timing to be determined). He said he'd like a "gull baby" and then he said he wanted a "geen gull baby"... I'm pretty sure we would love a girl baby, but we'll pass on a green one. 

Found via {LaLa Shoes}

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