Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Found for Home :: Christmas-Tree-Decorations

{Christmas Tree picture from last year}

I love decorating my Christmas tree and I'm hoping that will happen in the next few days as we get ourselves "settled" into our new home. THAT right there is a bombshell people! We bought a home and we are moving ourselves into a construction zone! I will be posting all about the rehab process we have gone through with this home and you will get to see the before and after shots. Are you ready for a DIY renovation? We're right in the thick of it and I am so excited to show all of you! 

The holiday season is so busy in a large family like mine, as well as yours I'm sure. We are excited to see family that will be travelling to see us and those that live close by. We are settling into a Christmas gift buying groove for our children and it looks a lot like this: something to wear, something to read, and something to play with... and then the traditional Christmas Eve pajama opening. We all like to look our best on Christmas morning as we stumble from our beds with rats nests in our hair... wearing our new pajamas!

How do you shop for your children for Christmas? How is your shopping list looking... lots of check marks?


  1. Congratulations on buying a home!!! Did Adam take that huge promotion?

  2. Thanks! He didn't. But work is going great and he has plenty on his plate. :) How is school with baby?

  3. I have good friends that buy "something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read." that sounds about what y'all are doing. My sister does a red, green and gold gift which is something from the heart, something I need and something I can't live without. At this point I have no system but I should probably get one so the buying doesn't get out of control.

  4. I am a little slow looking at your blogs. Why doesn't my tree look like yours?