Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Found for the Crafter :: Big-Knits-Knitting-and-Crochet-Needles-from-The-BagSmith

I am a huge fan of any hobby, craft, or pass-time that involves fabric, thread, needles and handiwork. I came across The BagSmith in my web-meanderings today and I am in love!!! How cool would it be to work with needles that large and create something like a throw for your sofa that was chunky and eclectic! Let's just say I know what I want for future holiday/celebrations where you receive presents. 

I was also overjoyed to find out that there is a local company called Heindselman's that has a location in St. George, Utah - near the city I live in and I can't believe my good fortune to have Heindselman's Too that I can get my yarn and tatting thread fix from whenever I need a pick-me-up.

What kind of crafting do you enjoy most?

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