Thursday, February 3, 2011

Found Fun :: Groundhog-Day

Photo via {ALM)

Yesterday was Groundhog Day. We miss the warm weather that is normally our friend this time of year. It has been very cold and thwarted our attempts at walking outdoors and playing our favorite games. When I walk with my kids we play our very own version of I-spy. It's "Can you see?" We take turns naming objects that we can see as we walk and the others try to find it. When we find the object in question, it is followed by an excited squeal of "it's right there! right there! right there!" I love it when the weather warms up just enough to be comfortable in a light jacket. We experienced a few days just that warm last week and it was bliss! We walked (I walked, my children "strolled" in our jogging stroller) and we came upon a magical moment. Three wild rabbits hopped across our path and up the hillside in our midst. We were quiet for a few moments talking in hushed tones so that we didn't scare the rabbits. My son had never seen a rabbit in real life before and he was amazed! Rather quickly the rabbits hopped giddily up the hill and were gone. We continued on our walk and tried to spot other interesting things. I love living life through the eyes of my children. Everything is magical again!


  1. you are a great mom, you know that?!?!

  2. and as soon as I typed that comment - the word verifier came up and said "bondin" - see, even the WV agrees with me :)