Friday, April 1, 2011

Found for Home :: Bookcase-Styling-Curated-Bookshelf

Bookcase in my home, photo by me.

When I moved into this house there was a set of 4 sagging yellow doors on the front of this shelving. They reminded me of a poorly constructed cabinet you try to make in shop class. The inner 4 corners met and overlapped and the doors swung too far in. They were tired and we decided they could use a break. We sent them into retirement with a joyous adieu!

Now our bookcase showcases our personalities and some serious charm. I sourced some of these books from thrift stores including our local Deseret Industries. Other books are our own collection that had yet to find a shelf to call home. When collecting the books for this project I looked for books with pretty or interesting spines, varying sizes and thickness and age. You want your styled bookshelf to have character and tell a story, you don't want it to look like you went and bought a set of books from your local big box store and put them there. Some must stand upright, others must be stacked in decreasing sizes. Add small decor items that fit the scene and are framed well by the different book sets. You might just find a home for some thing that hadn't been fitting in other places in your home. 

Every time I walk through this hallway I feel inspired. Where do you find inspiration?

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