Friday, October 21, 2011

Found for Home :: Vintage Suitcase Table DIY

I am a Pinterest addict and when I was browsing the other day I came across this lovely vintage suitcase DIY project via Design Sponge. I fell instantly in love and realized I have the perfect vintage suitcase sitting in my living room right now! I have to get up the nerve to drill holes in this pretty little thing... so we shall see if it comes to fruition or not. I love vintage items so much that I hate to alter them. I'd rather restore them. Coming up in the next few weeks we'll have a "fashion show" of sorts. I'm thinking of showing off all of my vintage fashion finds that I can now fit in once again "post-baby". The city I live in has a gold mine of vintage skirts... I live around a lot of really nice vintage ladies that donate their vintage clothes to goodwill. Are you up for a vintage fashion show?

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